As you’re a student, let me take you to everything revolving around being a student & looking to come across a reliable living space. & be it an apartment or a shared room, it shouldn't be afar from your school or college area, feel no less to a home, have food, market, & basic necessities available right just a few minutes walk off.

See if you or your friend or your son or daughter is a student,

  • You or they’re most probably a bachelor.
  • Safety, security, & comfort.
  • Needless to say, you must be expecting some sort of extra friendliness?
  • Licence (freeness) to party, late night entries, bringing friends to your place.
  • Want your ‘bits & pieces’ of freedom not be messed? Study favouring environment
  • Ample parking space, steady water supply 24*7, & others.

While signing up with us, property owners & landlords agree to our terms of addressing every basic necessity which a student looks for & need now a days.



Finding a right pace to live off for your family & yourself is made easy at ZindagiHomes. At here, we take it as our prime concern to connect tenants to landlords offering family friendly living spaces such as homes, & apartments with basic utilities accessible & available.

Being a family, you must be expecting

  • Uninterrupted water & electricity supply.
  • Good location, peaceful environment for your children’s study.
  • Amenities - Connectivity to market area, schools, & education institutes.
  • Safety, security & comfort.
  • Accessibility & public convenience - local transportation, hospitals, movie halls, parks, etc.

We ensure safety in favour of both tenants & landlords by allowing both parties to come to an agreeable agreement based on some terms & conditions.



Alike a new relationship, finding right house or apartment requires patience and understating to make sure you’re not just running off with the first attractive property. Attractive doesn’t guarantee safety, security, & convenience kind of things, which is why we are here with you to assist finding a right home to move-in.

Age is just a ‘number’ and we assure tenants of our continuance in maintaining these words throughout our work ethics. User friendly interface allows easy selection of property and trouble free communication system which connects a tenant to a landlord.

We understand best what elders look-for while seeking a living place. It could be

  • Affordable, so you chose according to your budget.
  • . Peaceful environment, privacy, and independence
  • Pet friendly
  • Safety & public convenience
  • Hospitals, general stores, parks, food & vegetable market nearby

Also, we ascertain there is easy and flexible documentation in between tenants and landlords so as to check convenience at its best among both the parties.



In our tailored services, we have homes and apartments ideal for couples and working professionals. In India, it’s not easy to find an apt place on rent if you’re a working professional in a new city or you’re a couple.

Zindagi Homes has shortened the widened gap in between a tenant and a landlord and have bypassed the middlemen to ensure easy settlement in no time. This has also eased the operation in case of couples as it has always been no picnic to come across a good place that meets affordability, and a set of things that we all expect in our lives.

For couples, we have the right property in line with specific requirements which obviously every couple seeks, and here they are: -

  • Original pictures of the property.
  • A range to select-from according to your budget and preferences.
  • Independence, and easy environment.
  • Accessibility to things of public convenience and basic utilities - hospitals, food market, general stores.
  • Local commute accessibility

Gladdened to be at the service, Zindagi Homes makes sure before listing any property whether it marks up to the categories geared for people from different walks. At here, we take joy in making head or tail of and then taking care of every expectation of tenants and landlords reaching us.