Landlord Legal What To Do If Tenant Dies In The Rental

Landlord Legal: What to Do If Tenant Dies in The Rental

Coming to a new place and searching for a house on rent is hectic sometimes when you don't know how things work in that particular place, but things are easier now for everyone. Many landlords offer an independent house or a room for rent in Dehradun but they face a lot of issues while doing this business. If you’re a landlord, it should be in your knowledge whether what should be the obligations and duties arising to you as a landlord in case your tenant dies while tenancy is active. This information can help you save a lot of time, and unnecessary stress while addressing the situation in case it goes legal.

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Death is natural and it can come at any time to your tenant residing in the rental unit. You have to deal with perspicacity and handle such situations.

Below listed suggestions can help you though:

Review Agreement:

You need to review your lease agreement with all the terms and conditions. The belongings of your tenant should be taken care by the landlord until the time tenants family members do not take hold of those belongings. The death of your tenant doesn’t mean that possession of his belongings and his property on your property gets transferred to you. As a landlord, you must keep the belongings of your tenant intact and undisturbed until the family members of the tenant refuse to take possession of the same.

Security Deposit:

The security money deposited by the tenant can be used for any kind of repair to be used in the home where tenant resided. If money is still left, then handover the money to tenants relatives.

Tenants belongings:

A landlord has no right to simply go and crash in and look at tenants’ personal belongings. Relatives need to be informed first and according to the instructions given by them, you can proceed further.

Release to the rights of possession:

Post death of your tenant, get your property cleaned and cleared of the stuff of your tenant. Do not forget to receive a form from next of the kin that releases the rights of possession. Post you’ve received this signed document from the family of the kin, you are now in a position to re-rent your apartment.

Security Deposit:

You can make use of tenants’ security deposit to cover unpaid rents, damages caused by the tenant to your property, and other cost such as unpaid bills of electricity or internet if any. If there is nothing which you need to cover from the security deposit, return the remaining deposit to the executor or the next of kin. Also provide the information of deductions you’re making from the deposit to the executor or the next of kin along with the remaining deposit.


You must rent your house or an apartment on rent only after police verification. Death of your tenant can sometimes cause unnecessary problem and legal issues. As a landlord, you should always remain prepared for an event like death or an accident as these are unavoidable events. Proper knowledge of local laws and little attention can help you save from such troubles.