Discover Best Ways To Rent Out Your House

Renting home or an apartment is something in which a person sees potential of making some money. Much alike discovering a suitable house to hire on rent, giving away your property on rent is also a task that can bring ill at ease sometimes. Sometimes you have to look out for tenants, sometimes these tenants refuse to pay monthly rental on time, in some cases tenants misuse premise, cause damages to the property, or turn down the request of vacationing the property. Problems can come in different faces and tenant can become a troublemaker for you. This is the reason why it is important to take care before you list your property for renting out.

We have a recommended checklist for landlords seeking tenants for their property:

Specify the monthly rental

If you’re looking to rent out your space, kindly ascertain the rent you find right for your property depending on the market. You should also do a check of the current rate of rental properties and should fix a rent that can attract tenants because a higher cost will make your property inaccessible to many people. In case you want a higher cost than present market trend, make sure you justify the cost by adding-in extra offers like furnishing, semi-furnishing of items like fan, wardrobes, geyser, Wi-Fi, TV, security, etc

Make an agreement for the lease

Rent agreement or the lease deed is on the top of the line while renting out your apartment or a house to a tenant. Take help of a broker, or a real estate professional while making a rent agreement, and make sure they are duly signed with the tenant. A legal document like a rent agreement bind both the parties under a mutual agreement. Such measures help avoid unnecessary differences.

Right marketing of the property

Now is the time where a person is able to make purchases and hiring of anything they wish on one click on their mobile phone or tablet. You, as a landlord, can register their property on this website after signing up as a landlord. Using right content and clear images can help you land right tenant on your property.

Use colored and high definition pictures of your property

Make smart moves. Good photographs can be a good impression of what you have on offer. Upload high definition images of your apartment, house or the room you want to rent out. They can be an effective catalyst in bringing tenants to your property

Give details of furnishing or semi furnishing of the property

As a landlord, you should leave a good and recommendable impression of yours. While putting all the details about your property, don’t forget to mention whether the property is semi furnished or fully furnished. Better will be a list of all the furnishings property have got. Is case tenant cause any damage to any of your fittings or features installed in the property, you could then charge penalty on the same.

Be clear about advance rent, security deposit, and annual increase in rent

In usual, landlords take 2 month’s rent as an advance and security, and it’s like a rule for a tenant to pay certain amount as an advance towards the property he is going to take on rent. This two month’s rent is generally adjusted in the last two month or against any damage caused to the property, or against those months when a tenant is unable to produce monthly rent on time provided there is an acceptable reason.

Specify the property type: Residential, and for non-commercial activities

To avoid misuse of the property, you must specify the purpose you want your property to be rented out. You are recommended to be clear while mentioning the type of property as some tenants use residential properties to run their businesses likes tuition classes, small offices, etc. This is trick these days among many tenants who intend to avoid high cost of a commercial rental place.

Police Verification

Police verification is necessary to ensure that tenant is clear of any criminal activity in previous. This can be done by downloading the police verification form state’s police department website, and this form can be submitted along with a passport size photograph, one identification card issued from government authority and details about the tenant to the local police station.