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What ZindagiHomes is?

ZindagiHomes, with its on-the-ball team, take unconditional personal interest in teaming up with landlords and property owners across the country. Renting out property or finding a place has never been this easy, and interesting. Going along with the needs and wants of every (clan) specific slice of this work-area, we pitch to win our customers through our easy work modus operandi and single mindedness.

Our concerns

  • Addressing every clan of people
  • Contentment to landlords and tenants
  • Easiness throughout the affairs
  • Keeping ethics high in our service

ZindagiHomes is all about making life in rental living places more easy and buoyant. Smile on our customers's face is our ultimate purpose. To this modern day, everyone is busy with their fast going life, and coming by a suitable rented home is not a piece of cake. Having a living space not just mean having four walls around you, but a roof over head where you feel like being home. It is about to have come across a place where you can celebrate, live happily, share joy with your family and your people, and under the ceiling you get the same laughter and love as your own home.

We are a modern day property rental company specialise and aim at providing modest, excellent, and home-like living spaces to students, family, couples, and elders. Given thought to the convenience of our customers, we secure positive assurance amongst them regarding parameters lying around a rented living place. Our connoisseur personnel check before listing any independent house, a room, a flat or an apartment for our regarded customer, whether the new place is making itself close to necessary utilities, modern day amenities, public convenience such as local transportation and connectivity to market area.

Taking immense pleasure in helping people from all walks of life find a suitable place, we aim to take the property rental industry to a new level, which is not just to make things easy but more fun and forward looking.

While greeting our customers, the primary concern men accept is to bring off the fact that everything is as sure as eggs is eggs.

Contact Us

Company Name: Upside Living (OPC) Private limited

AS-8 PLS PLAZA, Gandhi Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, 248001

Mobile: +91-9410996661

Email: info@zindagihomes.com